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Can google assistant be used to place orders in the future?

I can't think of a better way to integrate with our customer base than a tool like this. Part of what we do at Schofield Sales & Solutions is manage our customers inventory on a monthly basis. We know that our customers can forget to call before they have used all of their inventory. Which, as you can imagine can sometimes be the source of frustration. If Google's Duplex can integrate with business, this would be a magnificent tool to use for helping to automate the order process, set reminders, manage inventory level for roll off liners, dump liners, etc. I can't wait to see this tool deployed in the future. I am always one to embrace change.

We know plastics, it’s what we do!

Plastics is the life blood of our business.  We love to hear from customers with special applications. Not all plastics are created equal and it is important to look for the differences.  This is especially true in the Northeast or in cold climates. Cold can be the enemy of plastics and if your roll off liner has high repro content and is gray in color, you can have breakage. Having a higher virgin polyethylene content plays a large roll in flexibility and elasticity rather than breakage. When you look at your roll off liners, they should be dark black color and shiny properties. Virgin material is more expensive but it is worth it. Schofield Sales

Dyslexia: CEO’s that overcame their learning disabilities to become tremendously successful

As a business owner I often look to other successful business owners as a source of inspiration. However, in this case I look no further than my own son for inspiration. My son Tyler is dyslexic and attends The GOW School. These infamous CEO’s have clearly overcome their dyslexia; Richard Branson, John Chambers, Charles Schwab, the founder of IKEA, and Steve Jobs just to name a few. My son doesn’t look at problems in the same way you and I do. People like Tyler have very creative ways of looking at the world and this is what makes them so innovative as leaders. Whether it’s manufacturing Roll Off liners, designing iPhones, trading on Wall Street, or any other endeavor. People who look at the

The Fraking industry should have our gratitude

Context: World oil prices in 2008 had spiked to more than $100 per barrel of crude. In 2012, when gas prices were hitting $4 a gallon in some areas, a certain administration admonished the country stating that we “can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices.” It is my opinion that this was flat out wrong. I say “drill, baby, drill.” Here’s why Frackers have refined their skills on private properties all over this country, finding less expensive, more efficient ways to extract huge amounts of crude oil and natural gas from shale rock. In 2017, America is reaching 10 million barrels of crude-oil production per day, the highest level in the nation’s history. The U.S. may soon surpass Saudi Ar

Why do companies use roll off liners?

Roll-Off-Liners are used for a variety of reasons. Some of the more common reasons include: prevent leakage, protection of the roll off container, containment of debris, etc. Roll-Off-Liners come in a variety of different sizes which can range based on container size. It is important to know your container size before using liners in your application.  As applications vary, so do configurations of a liner. ​ Roll-Off-Liners can be configured many different ways.  Schofield Sales & Solutions is the only company in the country that stocks every configuration of liner. M-Fold (Folded or Rolled), Center Slit-Side Gusset (Rolled), Envelope (Rolled or Folded), we can accommodate any request. When

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