Waste Packaging

Custom Bags

  • Type IP-1 / IP-2 Certified

    Flexible Containment Packaging

     LLW flexible containment packaging comes in varying sizes and safe working loads (SWL).

    These bags can be designed with multiple layers allowing for ideal packaging  solution.

    Typically used in Low Level Waste, soils, rubble, demolition debris and some metal waste. The Type IP-1  can also be modified to your specific design requirements. Packaing meets DOT 49 CFR 173.410 compliance standards.


  • Self Standing Bags

    Alternative Flexible Packaging

    Self Standing bags are a soft-sided-system that requires no loading frame.

    Designed for durability and safety.

    Multi layering systems available 


    Multiple lift strap configurations available.


    Multiple material constructions available Ultra Violet resistant fabrics, water resistant fabrics , industrial grade fabrics

    Standard Sizes:

    - 2 Cubic Yard (B-12 Comparative)

    - 3.5 Cubic Yard (B-25 Comparative)

    - 5 Cubic Yard

  • IMG_0858.JPG

    Self Standing Bags

    UN Certified

    IP1 Hazardous Waste Bag

    A self-standing cubic yard box provides a convenient and less expensive replacement to a cubic yard boxes. Designed for durability, the containers are manufactured with tough, moisture resistant polypropylene. We offer an efficient outdoor solution for solid hazardous waste storage, non-hazardous waste, transportation and disposal.

  • 9YD IP-1 Soft-Sided Bags - Project Examp

    Type IP-1 / IP-2

    Bags to Railcar

    Railcar and Truck Liner Systems

    Design and Development

    Custom, Project Specific Packages

    Package Testing and Prototyping

    Flexible, Soft-Sided Packaging

  • IMG_0392_edited.jpg

    Railcar Liner Bags

    Secure Rail Transport

    Woven PE

    Woven PP

    Woven PE or PP with poly liner

    Woven PE or PP with geotextile liner

    Woven PE or PP with non-woven geotextile liner.

  • Spouted%20Bladder%20Bag_edited.jpg

    Spouted Railcar Bags

    Dusty Environments

    We can put spouts anywhere you want.

    Multi Spout designs available upon request.

    When you want to eliminate airborne contaminants on the jobsite, spouted bags are a good solution.

  • High Temperature Bags

    Rated to 1100°F

     We ask questions about the  applications.   

    We listen to all factors and the specifications .

    We pick the right materials.

    We design the right bag.

    We prototype to ensure that the bag will exceed customers expectations.

    We scale production to meet customer demands.

    It's that simple!


    High temperature bags rated up to is 1100°F, to biodegradable burlap bags, to rail car liners, drawstring bags, and so much more.  Only your imagination limits what we can make for your application.

    Our bags are made to withstand the toughest abuse in the field.

    We have in house engineering team waiting to assist you with the design of your bag.

    Challenge our team to make the ideal bag for you. 


    Transformer Lift Bags

    Containment Bags

    Transformer containment Bags allow for lifting, and containment of leaking pole-mount transformers.


    UN Rated for Packing Group II for the safe transport of PCBs. High-capacity straps are rated up to 10,000 lbs.  


    Bag is made of durable woven polypropylene with heavy duty nylon straps for lifting. 


    3 integrated sorbent pads cushion bag to prevent damage on rough surfaces like diamond plate; also soak up leaks of mineral oils and PCBs.


    Pull-up duffel sleeve covers entire transformer and cinches with attached drawstring to help keep liquid in and debris or rainwater out. Self-supporting material holds bag open for easy, 1-person loading.


    Ideal for transporting and storing larger 75 kVA and 100 kVA transformers.

About Us

Schofield Sales & Solutions is a privately held company with over 18 years of manufacturing experience. 

Our main office is located in Buffalo, New York with nationwide distribution.  With our in house engineering capabilities we can find solutions to your bulk packaging.  We hold our company to the highest level of service and quality.  We will answer the phone 24 / 7 /365. 

An experienced and knowledgeable team of sales, customer service, and logistics professionals are ready to show you what we are capable of.


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