Dewatering Filtration

Dewatering liners



  • Woven 

  • Non-woven 

  • Polyspun 

  • Spunbond

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Small, portable containment option. Features exterior corner prayer welds with reinforced top corners, ensuring a leak proof product and maximizing the spill capacity of the low-profile sidewall. Standard trays are made with 22 oz. PVC, combining top-of-the-line chemical resistance and durability. The trays fold up easily for efficient storage and transport.

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Dewatering Tubes

Remediation and Dewatering

A process by which solids are separated from liquids.  

This process will allow for separation of contaminants suspended in liquid to be consolidated into a sludge.   The use of Geotextile tubes is ideal for the following applications.



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Dewatering Container Liners

Disposable dewatering liners are the cost-effective way to separate liquids from solids in your existing containers/boxes for faster recovery and disposal.

Both fabric geotextile and screen mesh filter options are available to achieve desired micron levels and flow rates.

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Filter Media

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Filter Media

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Filter Media