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Haz-Mat Boxes

Haz-Mat Boxes

Haz-Mat/Non Haz-Mat Boxes

Our Haz-Waste Boxes are designed to industry standards for transportation and disposal of solid hazardous or non-hazardous waste material. One box capacity is equivalent of four 55 gallon drums. Making these containers the ideal value for money. Our containers ship and store flat to greatly reduce freight costs and warehouse storage space. Assembly is quick and can be done in minutes on the job site.

Our Haz-Mat Boxes are constructed of rigid mulitiwall corrugation construction and U.N. Approved for Packing Groups I, II, & III (X-Rated Box). All of our Haz-Mat Boxes are shipped with high-density polyethylene inner liners and tested in accordance to meet all CFR-49 requirements.

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