Loading & Lifting Frames

Job-site efficiencies are a crucial part of managing any small or large scale project. Our loading and lifting frames have been created for safety and ease of use so that loading and lifting processes on your site flows smoothly.


Our frames are made to fit standard bag sizes, and are available for rental or purchase.


We offer different size loading frames to better accommodate variation in sizes and safe working loads (SWL). 


Loading frames easily hold bags open for filling.  Which aids in the decrease of labor costs and removes potential loading hazards which increases overall safety conditions on your job-site.


Our loading and lifting frames are made of high strength steel and are tested to DOE-STD-1090 hoisting and rigging standards. 


These loading and lifting frames work with a variety of lifting equipment found on most job-sites including forklifts and cranes.

Loading Frame pic 2.jpg