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Why do companies use roll off liners?

Roll-Off-Liners are used for a variety of reasons. Some of the more common reasons include: prevent leakage, protection of the roll off container, containment of debris, etc.  

Roll-Off-Liners come in a variety of different sizes which can range based on container size. It is important to know your container size before using liners in your application.  As applications vary, so do configurations of a liner.

Roll-Off-Liners can be configured many different ways.  Schofield Sales & Solutions is the only company in the country that stocks every configuration of liner. 

M-Fold (Folded or Rolled), Center Slit-Side Gusset (Rolled), Envelope (Rolled or Folded), we can accommodate any request.

When looking for the right roll-off-liner for your application please consider referencing this website

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