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Dyslexia: CEO’s that overcame their learning disabilities to become tremendously successful

As a business owner I often look to other successful business owners as a source of inspiration. However, in this case I look no further than my own son for inspiration. My son Tyler is dyslexic and attends The GOW School.

These infamous CEO’s have clearly overcome their dyslexia; Richard Branson, John Chambers, Charles Schwab, the founder of IKEA, and Steve Jobs just to name a few.

My son doesn’t look at problems in the same way you and I do. People like Tyler have very creative ways of looking at the world and this is what makes them so innovative as leaders.

Whether it’s manufacturing Roll Off liners, designing iPhones, trading on Wall Street, or any other endeavor. People who look at the world differently can make great impacts as long as they don’t let their learning disabilities be an excuse for not succeeding.

Hopefully one day I will be fortunate enough to have my son take over my business and take our manufacturing capabilities to the next level.

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