We know plastics, it’s what we do!

Plastics is the life blood of our business.  We love to hear from customers with special applications.  

Not all plastics are created equal and it is important to look for the differences.  This is especially true in the Northeast or in cold climates. 

Cold can be the enemy of plastics and if your roll off liner has high repro content and is gray in color, you can have breakage.  

Having a higher virgin polyethylene content plays a large roll in flexibility and elasticity rather than breakage.

When you look at your roll off liners, they should be dark black color and shiny properties. 

Virgin material is more expensive but it is worth it.

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Schofield Sales & Solutions is a privately held company with over 18 years of manufacturing experience. 

Our main office is located in Buffalo, New York with nationwide distribution.  With our in house engineering capabilities we can find solutions to your bulk packaging.  We hold our company to the highest level of service and quality.  We will answer the phone 24 / 7 /365. 

An experienced and knowledgeable team of sales, customer service, and logistics professionals are ready to show you what we are capable of.


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