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Pick it, Pack it, Tie it up!

Asbestos Remediation

Many of our customer are in the remediation biz. We help customers find the best and most effective ways to package their waste.

One of our latest requests was for a specialty bulk bag with several modifications. The customer had several ideas on how to alter the bag to fit their specific needs. We listened and with the help of our engineering team and our people in production, we came up with.

43" x 43" x 60"

Duffel Top, Web Tie Closure

Bottom: Full Open Dump

Liner: 6mil poly liner

Doc Pouch: (1) 10" x 12"

Extra: Sift Resistant Seams

We love helping our customer and enjoy the challenge of find solutions for all types of applications.

Demolition / Bulk Bags / Poly Liners / Fabricated Bags

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