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Liquid Waste Management Market; Market size was valued at USD 90.3 billion in 2018

Market drivers such as population growth and rapid industrialization in emerging economies have resulted in a rise in the volume of liquid waste generated from the manufacturing sector.

Residential demand for water utilization per household, resulting in increased wastewater generation, coupled with rising water usage in medical facilities and HORECA segment. Increasing emission of liquid effluents, primarily sludge water from shopping complexes, hotels, schools, offices, and institutes is expected to have a positive impact on market expansion.

Schofield Sales gets involved with the transportation/hauling and storage of liquid effluents of hazardous and non-hazardous substances.

Look for our secondary containment at the storage facilities. Protecting against spills, and splatters. We also design spill containment systems that are design for catastrophic container failure. Call us for your liquid waste management needs (716)-636-5300.

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