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Top Lift Testing Machine

Validating bags designs can be a very powerful tool when evaluating which bag is right for our customers applications.  

What is a 6:1 FIBC? 

Some woven polypropylene bulk bags are specifically manufactured for multiple uses. These multiple use/multiple trip bags are rated at a 6:1 safety factor ratio, which means they have the ability to hold six times their rated safe working load. Just like 5:1 SFR bags, it is not recommended that you fill 6:1 SFR bag over its SWL as doing so can result in an unsafe working environment.

Just because the bag is rated for multiple uses doesn’t mean you can use it over and over again without adhering to specific safe use guidelines. Multiple use/trip bags should be used in a closed loop system. After every use, each bag should be cleaned, reconditioned, and qualified for reuse. The bag should also be used for storing/transporting the same product in the same application every time.

To safely reuse bags, FIBCA suggests these guidelines should be followed:

  1. Cleaning

    • Remove all foreign matter from the bags interior.

    • Ensure statically held dust is less than four ounces total.

    • Replace liner if applicable.

  2. Reconditioning

    • Replace web ties.

    • Replace labels and tickets critical to safe woven polypropylene bulk bag use.

    • Replace cord-locks if necessary.

  3. Reasons for rejecting a bag

    • Lift strap damage.

    • Contamination.

    • Damp, wet, mold.

    • Wood splinters.

    • Printing is smeared, faded or otherwise unreadable.

  4. Tracking

    • The manufacturer should maintain a record of origin, product used in the bag and the quantity of uses or turns.

  5. Testing

    • Bags should be randomly selected for top lift testing. The frequency and quantity shall be determined by the manufacturer and/or user based on their specific situation.

- Rail car liners - roll off container liners - dump liners

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