UN Certified IP-1 Hazardous Waste Bags

UN Certified IP-1 Mako™ Lift Bag is a self-standing zipper-top hazardous waste bag. 


This bag is ideal for the disposal of contaminated asbestos and house hold hazardous waste (HHW).


This UN certified bag is multi-layered and provides a strong containment package for hazardous wastes.

The Mako™ Lift Bag walls utilize rigid corrugated fiberboard which enable the bag to be self-standing.  Coupled with an integrated 6 mil PE liner boasting leak protection.


This robust bag can support a Max Load of 3,183 lb or 1444 Kg and can be stacked.  


This innovative bag provides a significant cost savings to the end user. Collapsible sides walls allows for minimal storage space.


They are lightweight, easy-to-assemble, versatile and can easily be lifted by forklift with attached loops.

Inside UN Rate Self Standing Bag.JPG