What We Do

- Design and Development

- Project Specific Bags

- Package Testing and Prototyping

- Flexible, Soft-Sided Bags

- Self Standing Liftable Bags

- Type IP-1 and IP-2 Packaging

- Macro-Encapsulation Bags

- Intermodal and Sealand Container Liners

- Railcar and Truck Liner Systems

- De-watering Bags and Systems

- Large Component Bags

Markets Served

- Industrial 

- Construction

- Environmental 

- Oil & Gas

- Superfund Clean Up Sites

- Brownfield Sites

- Recycling 

- Municipal Waste 

- Solid Waste Transport

- Dewatering Bags and Systems

About Us

Schofield Sales & Solutions is a privately held company with over 40 years of combined manufacturing experience. 

Our main office is located in Buffalo, New York with nationwide distribution in Ohio, and Texas. 

With our in house engineering capabilities, we can find solutions for your bulk packaging. 

We hold our company to the highest level of service and quality. 

An experienced and knowledgeable team of sales, customer service, and logistics professionals are ready to show you what we are capable of.



Recommendations in the planning and design stage.

Packaging that performs for your application.

Protoype packaging to prove the idea works in the real world.

Production management to ensure that your packaging arrives when you need it.




Our experienced Design-Build team is here to guide you through your project and provide best-value solutions for any challenge you may face. 


Our team strives to design and build the most robust and functional packaging.  We will always work with our customers until we meet or exceed their expectations.  We are committed to providing the best customer experience we can.

Waste Packaging Systems


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